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Facts and Figures of the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017 (June 17-26, 2017):

Submission: 2,528 films from 106 countries and regions.


Film panorama: 498 films were screened at 45 cinemas across the city; a total number of 1,532 public screenings and 108 audience meetings were organized;over 42 million people watched films;127 community film screenings were held in 16 districts.


Film market: the total exhibition area was 11,000 square meters; there were 251 exhibitors, attracting 19,191 person-times of visitors; the Belt and Road National Pavilion was set up at the scene, with the participation of the filmmakers and film institutions from over 25 nations and regions.


SIFF PROJECT: 380 applications from 21 countries and regions were received and were shortlisted to 36 projects, with 10 selected for the New Talent Project and 6 for SIFF PROJECT LAB.


SIFFORUM: in the 13 sessions held during the festival, over 90 guests from China and around the world exchanged experiences and ideas. The topics included:“Chinese Film Industry Summit Forum”、 “Forum on Chinese Film Development”、 “Thinking Chinese Genre Films”、“Eastern Culture in Animation Films”、 “Supply Reformation of Chinese Films”、“Making Chinese Films with the Spirit of Craftsmanship”、“The Belt and Road Film Culture Roundtable Talk” and “Shanghai-Hong Kong Film Cooperation & Exchange Forum”,  etc.


I-SIFF program: worked with Putuo District , I-SIFF serial programs focus on the current mainstream topics and industry trends, building up an exchange platform for Chinese and foreign internet institutions and formulating innovative activity models that are close to netizens. The 2017 I-SIFF serial programs organized three major events including Internet & Film Industry Investment Summit, I-SIFF Shanghai Summit Forum and I-SIFF Gala Night, invited distinguished guests and popular figures to discuss about the hot issues, screened the VR films inserted with latest technologies and constructed a versatile platform for the showing, exchanging, financing and publicizing of internet films.


Jackie Chan Action Movie Week: included the opening activity, action film screening, and the Gala Night of Jackie Chan Action Movie Week. The action movie week not only brings excellent action movies from home and abroad to the audiences, but also serves as a voice for action filmmakers, consolidates action movie resources internationally, and facilitates China’s action movies to go global. At the Jackie Chan Action Movie Week Gala Night on June 22, Jackie Chan announced to found the Stuntman Working Committee to provide proper protection for action filmmakers.


Classic film restoration: Shanghai International Film Festival joined hands with Jaeger-LeCoultre to engage the Bologna Restoration Lab of Italy to restore the classic film Outside with 4K, which was screened in 2017. SIFF will keep working with Jaeger-LeCoultre to restore the film Le Peintre directed by Huang Shuqin, and starred by Gong Li and Tung-Shing Yee.


"the Belt and Road": The 20th SIFF has defined promoting Belt and Road cultural exchange as a festival theme. On the first day, the representatives from 15 film festivals and institutions in the 14 countries along Belt and Road signed the Memorandum of Cooperation. This year, the number of the applying films from 47 countries along the Belt and Road is up to 1,016. After appraisal and selection, 189 productions from 32 countries along either became the competition films for the Golden Goblet Awards, Asia New Talent Award, or entered major panorama programs.  Among them, 17 excellent films were screened at the Belt and Road panorama.

At the SIFForum, the Belt and Road Roundtable Talk was also held, where the delegates of the international film festivals and institutions in Iran, Egypt, UAE, Poland, Greece, Hungary, etc. exchanged their local film market status quo, and shared their festival organization experience, audience cultivation strategies and market promotion mechanisms.

At the Film Market, the Belt and Road National Pavilion attracted 12 filmmakers and film institutions to have The Belt and Road Film Culture Showcase by Nation from over 25 nations and regions.


Media coverage: 1,179 journalists from 364 mainstream media organizations from around the globe covered the festival, creating 4,573 original reports.





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